About Us


Takin.solutions Ltd. is a consultation and services company for the implementation of information management solutions in the cultural heritage sector. A partnership between George Bruseker and Denitsa Nenova, the company builds on the years of hands-on, international experience of its founders in the field of information management in cultural heritage. We are particularly specialized in the creation and management of semantic data and the use of photogrammetry and GIS for data acquisition and analysis.

Takin.solutions Ltd. provides high-quality, professional consultation and services in digital documentation throughout the data management life cycle from data acquisition through curation, transformation, presentation and visualization.  

Whether for use in research, collaboration, public dissemination or outreach, we help clients choose and implement the solutions that will provide quality, reusable data for the future. 

GeorgeWe believe that sound data management is core to the mission of both the research and preservation of cultural heritage. As such, we strive to raise the bar in terms of the implementation of solutions which both adopt the latest tools and techniques for documentation while also implementing standards that ensure the possibility of the preservation and usability of data in the long term. 

Supporting our clients in assessing documentation scenarios, proposing potential solutions for acquiring and applying the correct tools and techniques, we help them achieve their documentation goals.